About Us
Copperco Interactive is a creative, dynamic and passionate online agency, specialised in full-service internet and interactive media solutions.
Our team combines many years of marketing experience with design talent and technology know-how, enabling us to develop the solutions that support you in meeting your business objectives.  
Our culture is marked by fairness, innovation, creativity and a strong belief that knowledge is the key to success. We work closely together with subject matter experts to ensure that we can provide you with the best service, to optimal conditions.


Copperco Interactive develops intelligent, full service solutions for a fair price.
Through our many years experience, we at Copperco know that the bigger picture needs to be taken into consideration, and this is where we excel. We analyse what is required and what makes sense, we develop a suitable concept and then ensure that this is turned into reality in a creative, innovative, yet functional manner.
No one area described in the services below can or should be dealt with in an isolated manner. Each is vital in its own right, and yet it is only the combination that can deliver ultimate success.

Internet Consultancy
We develop innovative online strategies to support
your business objectives, based on the requirements of your target audience.
To develop effective strategies, we first work closely with our clients to gain a detailed understanding of their brand, objectives, services and/or products and target audiences. This provides a basis from which we develop individual online strategies. Strategies, which then turn into innovative solutions!
Our solutions combine the highest levels of creativity and execution and include promotional micro-sites, ecommerce, community sites, business/ corporate destinations and rich applications.
Our aim is to provide the ultimate user experience, creating more meaningful relationships between our clients and their customers.

Creative Design
Design is a fundamental element in leaving a lasting impression, with us you are sure of achieving this.
The first impression of any online activity is defined by the design. We at Copperco believe that, irrelevant of the complexity of the project, a strong and creative design, is a central component of any online project.
Nevertheless, creativity alone does not suffice. Our aim is to provide the ultimate user experience, and therefore we believe that a detailed understanding of our client’s users and their needs must always be the foundation that every design is built upon.

At Copperco we know that programming is more than bits and bytes.   One size does not fit all…. Depending on the individual requirements, we design the optimal solution for each individual client’s needs, using the most appropriate programming language. Copperco understands the bigger picture, not simply programming or IT development, but business success. Whether your company is in need of a custom web application, e-commerce capabilities or a simple website, Copperco, with our team of proven programming and database professionals, makes it happen! Complex back-end systems, do not need to mean a complex user interface – neither for the end user, nor for the users of any CMS system we deliver.

Performance Measurement
The web isn’t standing still, so neither are we. Continual improvement for the future, based on the experience of the past. In the online world, you can learn from everything you do or, better said, what your customers are doing. The important thing is to make sure that you use the opportunities available, to learn from. We at Copperco, believe that performance measurement is central to every online strategy. We will assist you to define the relevant data, gather & analyse it, develop recommendations and implement them if relevant.

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